Year-End Tax Strategies for Credit Union Executives

As we approach year-end, there are several tax-optimization strategies credit union executives and recent retirees may leverage based on their current financial situation. Credit union leaders often have complex compensation and retirement benefit packages plus a unique tax delta that lend themselves to creative solutions that may help them save more money or manage their […]

Why Target Date Funds are the Wrong Investment Vehicle for Many Credit Union Executives

Target date funds are popular for many 401(k) plan participants because they offer an investment strategy that automatically reduces risk as one approaches retirement. They’re especially effective for investors who don’t want to self-manage their retirement assets and younger investors under 50. Further, target date funds align with the needs of most credit union employees, […]

When to Take Strategic Risk in Your Credit Union—Your ACTion Point

As a credit union executive, should you consider your personal financial success before the direction of your credit union? Yes and no. The reality of your position challenges you to lead your organization boldly into new initiatives, technology, and markets; however, every major decision you make comes with risk. Whether it will pose a financial […]

Webinar: Don’t Tell Anyone…But You’re Planning Your Exit Strategy

As a CEO or senior executive, exiting your credit union for retirement requires planning years ahead of your last day, mainly because your exit planning is more complicated than the average  credit union employee. For example, you have various savings instruments available to you, each with its own funding frequency, investment choices, and tax structure. […]

How Credit Union Executives Can Optimize an Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan

Nearly 80% of credit union 401(k) plan participants have all or some of the retirement savings going into a target-date fund. The concept is certainly attractive, offering an entire portfolio with automated rebalance features for those who are less comfortable with self-managing their investments. But is the target date fund a one-size-fits-all solution suitable for […]