Investment Management


Rather than trying to take advantage of the ways markets are mistaken, we seek to take advantage of the ways markets are right, the ways they compensate investors.

An Investment Strategy that Adapts to Changing Conditions

Things change—sometimes dramatically—so we help you anticipate and respond to changing market conditions. Once your plan has been implemented, we closely monitor your investment options and keep an eye on the world around you. We strive to preserve your wealth and protect your goals. With close monitoring of your portfolio against your investment objectives, we rebalance or reallocate funds to pursue only those courses of action most suited to your needs.

Identify and Minimize Risk

While asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, we believe that structure and asset allocation are the primary determinants of portfolio return. We also believe that comprehensive, global asset allocation can significantly reduce or neutralize the risks specific to individual securities. We seek to continually identify the risk factors that compensate investors and position our clients to participate in the rewards of capitalism.

Focus on Low Total Cost

Over time, high management fees and expenses in portfolios from costs associated with market transactions can reduce investor returns. At ACT Advisors®, we strive to minimize total costs in all our financial management activities by focusing on passively-managed investments, which generally maintain lower fees by minimizing costs associated with trading and researching stocks.


Money is the means to the end and not the end itself. Let us introduce you to our approach to investing and learn how we can help you work toward achieving the results you desire.