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Serving Servant Leaders Behind The Credit Union Movement

The health and performance of your credit union rely heavily on your financial wellness as an executive. We specialize in helping you build a strong financial planning foundation using deep industry knowledge and shared ethics so you can successfully drive your teams, membership, and the credit union movement forward.

Our credit union clients control $15.75B in member assets and 1.25M member accounts (as of January 2021).

Specialized Financial Guidance for Credit Union Executives

We believe in the credit union movement and have made it our mission to help those at the helm: credit union executives. For over 20 years, we’ve provided investment management and financial planning services to help CU leaders thrive, sharing specialized knowledge about your executive benefits and retirement plans, including 457(b) and collateral assignment split dollar. We do not sell 457(b), 457(f), or CASD plans, allowing us to give objective, analytical advice without a conflict of interest. Let us help you optimize your financial performance and confidence.

Managing Complexity Through Strategic Plan Design

Your finances reach another level when you advance to the C-Suite. We build strategic financial plans to help you manage financial complexities over your lifetime. We analyze your investments and chart a path toward your financial goals. In collaboration, we can work to position your finances for growth and security—similarly to how you lead and strengthen your credit union every day.

Strategic Plans with Total Financial Review For You and Your C-Suite

We oversee your risk, analyze your investments, and chart a path toward your financial goals. Get the basics with our ACT on Demand subscription planning package. Or upgrade to our Complete Package and experience fully customized implementation in your ecosystem.

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