As a CEO or senior executive, exiting your credit union for retirement requires planning years ahead of your last day, mainly because your exit planning is more complicated than the average  credit union employee. For example, you have various savings instruments available to you, each with its own funding frequency, investment choices, and tax structure. Additionally, as a leader, you’ll strive to build an effective succession plan to position your credit union for growth and success following your departure. 

The plans and considerations you make today can help you have a smooth transition, rally the support of your board, and put you on a path toward fulfilling your ideal retirement scenario.

In our webinar, “Don’t Tell Anyone…But You’re Planning Your Exit Strategy,” we share actionable and strategic steps to take 10, 5, and even 1 year before your retirement date that align with your professional and personal goals.

You can stream the entire webinar, where we outline these steps and provide hypothetical cash flow analysis and retirement funding scenarios  Here’s more of what you’ll learn:

  • When you should schedule difficult transition action items, such as system changes or a merger or acquisition, to help ensure stability, continuity, and ease among your board and teams.
  • How your personal goals will affect your investment choices, how you protect your assets, or which tax-savings strategies you implement.
  • How to announce your exit timeline to your board and assist in the recruiting process.
  • The factors you should consider when presented with a counteroffer or alternative, such as a consulting role.

This webinar is valuable for credit union executives at any stage of their career or those looking toward their next chapter. Begin preparing your exit strategy today so you and your credit union board can feel more confident and secure in the future.

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