Assessing Geopolitical Risk

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The United States’ airstrike January 3, 2020, near Baghdad, Iraq, that killed a top Iranian military general was a major escalation in Mideast tensions. Iran’s retaliatory strike January 8 sent a message, but additional responses can’t be ruled out. We discuss what this conflict might mean for stocks and assess…

Weekly Bottom Line

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The U.S. economy continued to churn out jobs at a solid pace. Non-farm employment grew by 1.6% over 2019, marking only a slight deceleration from the 1.7% recorded in 2018. The services side of the economy also continued to fare better than its manufacturing counterpart. The ISM Non-Manufacturing Index edged…

Reminder: 2019 Contribution Deadlines

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General guidelines for contribution deadlines for the 2019 tax year are listed below – you should check with your tax preparer before making a contribution. To  make a contribution to your IRA, contact Liz Dickinson at (828) 398-2802 or Traditional/Roth IRA: The deadline for IRA contributions for the 2019…

What Does the Secure Act Mean for Individual Investors?

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Doug English, CFP®, discusses 3 provisions in the SECURE Act that impact individual retirement accounts.

Winter 2019 Newsletter: Season’s Greetings from ACT Advisors!

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Season’s Greetings from all of us at ACT Advisors!

Winter 2019 Newsletter: Outlook 2020

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Hindsight is 20/20, but finding clarity in future uncertainty can be fuzzy. 2019 has been a very rewarding year for investors. As we look forward to the year 2020 and a new decade, some key trends and market signals will be important to watch. These include progress on U.S.-China trade…

Winter 2019 Newsletter:
ACT Photo Contest – 2019 Winners and 2020 Theme

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This past year’s ACT Tote Bag Photo Contest theme was “Loved Ones” and we were delighted to see so many clients enjoying the company of their loved ones (along with their ACT swag)! Congratulations to our randomly-selected winners, Vijay and Shaila, who shared pictures of their trip together to Iceland….

Winter 2019 Newsletter:
ACT Advisors Community Award 2019 Recipients

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The end of the year marks a time when many of our clients make donations to charitable organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. Here at ACT Advisors, we’re no different. Every year we choose two local nonprofit organizations making a positive impact on the lives of people…

Wes Johnson on NPR: “To Fear or Not to Fear” New Stock Market Highs

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The stock market’s recent all-time highs have some folks seeing a warning sign while others see a green light to invest in the markets. In this interview, Wes Johnson, CFP® discusses if new stock market highs should be feared or embraced. Click the link below to listen to the replay….

ACT Advisors Welcomes Senior Credit Union Executive Consultant James Gowan

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