How Credit Union CEOs Can Identify the Opportune Time to Make Bold Leadership Moves that Balance Personal Financial Risk

ACT Advisors today published a white paper for credit union CEOs analyzing how ambitious organizational decisions can potentially affect a CEO’s future employment—and personal finances—and how to strategically balance that risk with long-term simulation planning and executive benefits. Asheville, NC – ACT Advisors, a firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning for credit union executives, today […]

How Credit Union CEOs Can Make Bold Moves and Balance Personal Risk—At the Same Time

When is the appropriate time to undertake your boldest or most innovative projects? As a credit union CEO, you’ve likely considered how the risk of significant organizational changes may affect your future employment, and ultimately, long-term finances. These risks may arise from financial strain on your credit union or political challenges among your board. We’re […]

Reminder: 2019 Contribution Deadlines

General guidelines for contribution deadlines for the 2019 tax year are listed below – you should check with your tax preparer before making a contribution. To  make a contribution to your IRA, contact Liz Dickinson at (828) 398-2802 or Traditional/Roth IRA: The deadline for IRA contributions for the 2019 tax year is April 15, […]

ACT Advisors Welcomes Senior Credit Union Executive Consultant James Gowan

[page_container] ACT Advisors, a firm specializing in financial planning and investment management for credit union executives, welcomes James Gowan as senior credit union executive consultant who will oversee the continued expansion of ACT Advisors into the credit union space. Gowan brings with him over 30 years’ experience in the CU industry. This experience, a large […]

ACT Advisors Welcomes Tim Mowrey, CFP®

We have the great pleasure of announcing that Mowrey Investment Management, a Raleigh, NC based fee-only financial planning and investment management firm, has recently joined the ACT Advisors, LLC fee-only RIA team. This is a union of two firms with strengths that are highly complementary and focused on providing an expansive set of services to […]