ACT Advisors today published a white paper for credit union CEOs analyzing how ambitious organizational decisions can potentially affect a CEO’s future employmentand personal financesand how to strategically balance that risk with long-term simulation planning and executive benefits.

Asheville, NC – ACT Advisors, a firm specializing in comprehensive financial planning for credit union executives, today published the white paper, “When To Take Strategic Risk In Your Credit Union—Your ACTion Point.” The paper analyzes the opportune time—coined the ACTion Point by ACT—for credit union CEOs to pursue bold initiatives that strategically favor the credit union and their personal financial plan.

“Credit union CEOs are charged with making the big decisions that lead their organizations through growth, new technology, and other industry changes,” said Doug English, CFP®, ACT Advisors’ founder. “Those decisions, while necessary, often come with significant change management and risk to the credit union and the CEO’s financial future.”

The report highlights how transformational changes, such as pursuing an acquisition strategy or exploring indirect and non-traditional lending, can put additional risk squarely on the shoulders of the CEO, with outcomes that could ultimately affect their long-term financial plan and goals if they’re terminated before vesting or reaching the access date for their benefits. ACT goes on to explain how proactive planning that aligns with a CEO’s income and benefits can help them better gauge the appropriate time to undertake visionary projects without sacrificing their income before or after retirement.

“The goal is to present a win-win situation that encourages forward-thinking leadership that adds the most value to the credit union while giving CEOs the confidence that their personal financial plan is poised for success,” explained English.

Additionally, the white paper delves into the power of the collateral assignment split-dollar benefit and hypothetical examples that simulate common executive scenarios using ACT’s Monte Carlo planning tool.

ACT Advisors

ACT Advisors has over 20 years of experience providing investment management and financial planning services to credit union executives. With specialized knowledge of unique retirement plans, including 457(b) and the collateral assignment split-dollar, the team of advisors helps credit union executives mitigate risk, analyze investments, and chart a path toward financial success. Learn more at

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