Wes Johnson on NPR: “To Fear or Not to Fear” New Stock Market Highs

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The stock market’s recent all-time highs have some folks seeing a warning sign while others see a green light to invest in the markets. In this interview, Wes Johnson, CFP® discusses if new stock market highs should be feared or embraced. Click the link below to listen to the replay….

ACT Advisors Welcomes Senior Credit Union Executive Consultant James Gowan

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Don’t be worried! Have a plan.

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Is market uncertainty making you worried? Check out what Doug English, CFP® has to say about what you can do to ease your anxiety.

Fall 2019 Newsletter: Meet Wes’ new rescue dog, George!

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There’s nothing quite like the excitement and joy of bringing home a new puppy. ACT Advisor, Wes Johnson recently added a new member to his family – George the Coonhound – and we got the inside scoop on all the details.

Fall 2019 Newsletter: Creativity Abounds with ACT Clients

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Here at ACT Advisors, we are lucky to count among our clients some very talented artists and craftspeople. From the canvas, to the woodshop to the kiln, they create pieces of art that amaze the eyes and speak to the heart. We asked some of them to share a piece…

Fall 2019 Newsletter: Over 70.5 with an IRA? Make Sure You Take Care of This Before Year End

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Have You Taken Your Required Minimum Distribution? We know it isn’t even winter yet, but don’t wait until the last minute to take your RMD. If you are over 70.5 years old or are the owner of an inherited IRA, you are required to take a minimum distribution before December…

Fall 2019 Newsletter: Equities Lead the Expansion

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The overall U.S. economic picture has supported continued expansion. Modest inflationary pressures helped boost demand and support corporate profit margins in the first quarter, and the Fed’s earlier decision to pause rate hikes boosted sentiment and increased demand for equities. Market technicals provided support for stocks’ rebound earlier this year,…

In Case of Emergency: Essential Documents to Take with You

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Hurricanes, fires, storm surges and other emergencies may make it necessary for you to evacuate your home. First and foremost, the priority in an emergency should be the safety of you and your family. Tracking down important documents (like insurance policies) shouldn’t delay leaving quickly and safely. Ideally, you should…

A Fed Rate Cut and the Economy

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This summer has been interesting. Thus far, temperatures have been at a maximum for much of the country, while typical summer storms have been at a minimum. A parallel can be drawn for the financial markets: Major stock indexes are hovering near record levels, while other asset classes like bonds…

Doug English on NPR: Are Stocks Peaking Again?

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2019 has been an exceptional year for the stock market, but what’s next? Doug English, CFP® discusses his thoughts on this past year and what might be next for the economy. Click the link below to listen to the replay. “We have been surprised and delighted with the scale of…