You’ve probably noticed that since the pandemic hit and drove the stock market into a steep decline, it has rebounded significantly. The tech-heavy NASDAQ, in particular. Yet the economy is far from where it was pre-COVID. The stock market has a history of being a leading economic indicator. Is that what we’re seeing now? Click the link below to listen to the replay.

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Wes Johnson
Wes Johnson, CFP®

“Our economy went from chugging along at a healthy, sustainable rate of 2-2.5%, to crashing into the largest negative GDP number ever, because we essentially turned our economy off like a light switch. We all hoped that we could flip the switch back on and everything would go back to normal, but that’s definitely not the case. Our economy is more like a dimmer switch – gradually getting back to where we were. There’s a good chance our 3rd quarter GDP will be the biggest increase ever.” —Wes Johnson, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Click here to learn more about Wes.

Click here to listen to the full South Carolina Business Review radio interview.

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