How Credit Unions Can Use Fintech to Create a Digital-First Organization

When you think of a digital-first organization, you may imagine the opposite of a personalized and thoughtful experience. However, “C.U. on the Show” guest Thomas Novak shares that’s exactly what his team is creating at Visions Federal Credit Union through strategic innovation and a buy, build, or partner approach to fintech. Tom is a 16-year […]

How Fintech Can Help Credit Unions Stay Competitive

JPMorgan Chase currently invests $12 billion in technology annually, which is twice as much as the IT budget of credit unions nationwide—combined. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for credit unions to keep pace with the technology, research, and development of larger financial institutions. To stay relevant and continue improving client experiences and offerings, […]

How Credit Unions Can Partner With Fintech Companies and Stay Competitive

When we think about what draws members to your credit unions, we generally point out the low rates, accessibility, convenience, and trust as compared to your bank counterparts. However, when we consider that financial technology (fintech) companies such as PayPal and Square are coming onto the scene more rapidly and picking up more of the […]