Capital Markets and How Credit Unions Can Issue Subordinated Debt

Historically, credit unions have accessed capital through CDs, short- and long-term loans, and other investment funds to help them expand, generate income, and pursue strategic initiatives. However, as credit unions have grown over the years and offered more complex services, there is a demand to meet capital needs in creative ways. Loan participations and the […]

Preliminary Steps for Credit Unions Acquiring Another Financial Institution

In the first part of this interview, Doug and Jeff Cardone discussed the process, requirements, and questions credit unions should address before entering into a merger or acquisition (M&A) transaction. In the second part of the “C.U. on the Show” episode, Doug and Jeff delve into the acquiring or buying side of M&As and what […]

Is Your CU Sub-Debt Approved?

Overlooking secondary capital in the subordinated debt (sub-debt) market could put your credit union behind when planned and unplanned investment opportunities arise. Jeff Cardone, Partner/Attorney at Luse Gorman, shares why your credit union may consider getting pre-approved for sub-debt sooner rather than later. Stream the Episode  What Subordinated Debt Is and How Credit Unions […]

How Credit Unions May Overcome Income Challenges with a Charitable Donation Account

Credit unions across the country are currently facing a common challenge—how to create more yield and income. They traditionally rely on reinvesting money from lending products as one form of income. However, due to the increase in government stimulus payments and record-low loan growth, credit unions have had to find alternative income-generating sources to offset […]

C.U. Women Who Lead: Lessons Learned From Judy Tharp

Few careers start as uniquely as the career of “C.U. on the Show” guest Judy Tharp, retired president and CEO of Piedmont Advantage Credit Union. After finishing college, Judy came across a newspaper ad for -Cape Fear Employee Credit Union, a new start-up in North Carolina. While she had bookkeeping, inventory, and customer service skills […]