Summer Newsletter: Behind the Scenes at Our New Location

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Summer Newsletter: Behind the Scenes at Our New Location

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We are so excited to be settling into our new location in downtown Asheville! We are looking forward to a time when we can give you an in-person tour. Until then, we hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes pics.


Our newly renovated two-story building is over 8,000 square feet, has parking, and is within walking distance of downtown Asheville. ACT Advisors offices are located on the upper floor. On the first floor, we will have available to lease several additional office spaces, a conference room, and a learning center. We also have a staff gym and meditation room in the works.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by Maris English. Maris coordinates scheduling for all of our advisors and helps with client communications. Her station is in the atrium, a two-story open space with floor to ceiling windows. You will often find our office dog, Leo, napping by Maris’s side.


ACT Advisors founder, Doug English, CFP®, gets ready to jump on a go-to-meeting with clients. Doug has overseen the renovation of the building, and is happy to be coordinating the final touches.

Financial Advisor, Pat Latta, keeps a watchful eye on the markets. Most days, Pat rides his bike to the office, something the new space has made a lot more convenient.


Jennifer English, Chief Compliance Officer, performs one of her many audits to ensure we are compliant. Jen worked closely with Doug on the renovation and was a key driver of the look and feel of the new space.

Operations Manager, Nicolette Speziale, uses her standing desk while she works on improving our current processes. Nicolette donated an elliptical (that was previously in storage) to the staff gym.

Client Service Specialist Liz Dickinson prepares documents to open a new account for a client. Liz is our paperwork and move money guru, and will help you anytime you need to make servicing changes to your accounts. Liz is who to call when you need to make a contribution or distribution.

Our newest addition to the team, Paul Lloyd, CFP®, performs a client document review where he reads hundreds of pages of insurance, tax, and estate documents looking to reduce risk and save money. Paul works with clients to build financial plans and handles all of our client-facing report preparation.


Henry English, the man, the myth, the legend! Henry has been in the office on weekdays since his school shut down. He’s become a master paper shredder and a pure source of entertainment. Henry had a specific office to do his online schoolwork and facetime relatives. He recently started attending summer camp.

Leo standing tall in front of the vault, acting tough to scare off any intruders.

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