Here’s your chance to get expert insights directly from past National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) chairman and current board member Rodney Hood on a special “C.U. on the Show” episode.

Mr. Hood will be taking your NCUA questions and addressing the new NCUA office of Financial Technology and Access. To get your wheels turning, here are a few topics that may affect your credit union or members, or are related to the credit union industry:

  • Secondary Capital and Other Liquidity Sources
  • Thoughts on the Future of the Credit Union Movement
  • Strategic Fintech and Partnerships
  • Creating Opportunities for Financial Inclusion and Other Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Topics
  • Regulation and Talks in Washington Related to Credit Unions
  • Insights into NCUA’s Examination and Oversight Processes

Thank you for helping us make the most of this rare opportunity with a leading voice in the credit union movement.

Use the form to submit your questions for consideration; we will be taking questions through July 21.