Over the years, the advisors and team at ACT Advisors have employed some very creative methods to help our clients navigate unfamiliar situations and facilitate relationships. We aim to help protect our clients, to save them money and time, and to improve happiness by providing a level of support that exceeds expectations. Not many financial advisors take such a personal approach but we believe relationships with our clients are built on more than their investments.

Saving and Finding Money

Getting a fair market price for a new car is no easy task. Unfortunately, we’ve found that when clients get older they face the possibility of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous salespeople—especially if this is their first time purchasing a car. Our advisors have helped clients navigate through the car buying process and have negotiated car purchase prices to help ensure they receive competitive pricing. The last negotiation saved the client more than $1000!

Did you know that you could have lost money that is just waiting to be found and claimed? Our staff has helped our clients locate forgotten stock certificates, bank accounts, refunds, and more. By searching state escheatment records, we have uncovered hundreds of dollars for our clients so far this year – for one client alone we discovered $480!

Navigating Relationships

Our advisors have been there to help clients navigate through family meetings. We know that meetings with family members don’t always run as smoothly as planned. Our staff has scheduled family meetings for our clients with their children and advisors. Sometimes, even grandchildren attend. These meetings have given our clients the opportunity to discuss their legacy and clarify their expectations for the future. During the meeting, our advisors provide support when needed and help our clients make their wishes heard.

We’ve also helped our clients with iphone training, swimming lessons, and even set-up a dating profile that led to a marriage! Our advisors and staff are always looking for ways to surpass expectations and support our clients in surprising and helpful ways. With our advisors as their advocates, our clients are empowered to thrive—to pursue the future, with confidence, on their own terms.

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