There’s nothing quite like the excitement and joy of bringing home a new puppy. ACT Advisor, Wes Johnson recently added a new member to his family – George the Coonhound – and we got the inside scoop on all the details.

What is your new puppy’s name? George

Where did he come from? We got George through the Carolinas Coonhound Rescue. They’re a small non-profit volunteer organization that finds homes for abandoned and mistreated hounds. They also help with training, medical care and fostering until the dogs find a forever home.

What made you choose George? He was already potty-trained and just out of the puppy phase, so we thought that would make for an easier transition into the Johnson family.

Is George your first dog? I’ve had dogs before, but this is the first dog for my two kids, Owen and Gabby.

Why did you decide to get a dog now? My daughter has been begging for a dog for two years. We finally gave in.

Speaking of your daughter, are your kids going to help take care of George? Allegedly…

What was it like bringing George home for the first time? Both kids were super excited. We told them we were just taking care of him for a few days while his owner was out of town. It was really a “test-run” to make sure he was good with kids.

Sounds like he passed the test! Thanks for sharing your exciting news with us, Wes!

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