Here at ACT Advisors, we are lucky to count among our clients some very talented artists and craftspeople. From the canvas, to the woodshop to the kiln, they create pieces of art that amaze the eyes and speak to the heart. We asked some of them to share a piece of their work that has special meaning for them and give us a glimpse into their creative process.

Dr. Anne Malphrus

Recently my mother came across a wonderful old photo of me at age 10 sitting proudly on my first pony Stardust. With my feet hanging below his belly, it was clear that I was outgrowing him. My father sits beside me on what would be my next pony, Charlie. Stardust, known as Dusty, had a huge crest, a broad back and a mane that never grew out or fell over like it should. He was my first love. Like a good parent, he took care of us but didn’t hesitate to give us a swift kick if we deserved it. We fell off and learned to dust off our seats and climb back up. He was not only a great teacher but a dream come true for a little girl whose heart wished only for a pony of her own. I will never forget Dusty. He was my dream come true.


Audrey McLeod

I was inspired to paint this scene while in the Beaufort SC Area one afternoon. It was warm and the upper clouds were very light. The sun was setting over the marsh and the yellow glow from the setting sun was awe inspiring and I felt that I just had to try to produce it on canvas. I feel that I got very close to what I saw that day. It’s one of my favorites.


Craig Dubose

Here is a hall table that I designed and built. The design is based on a Japanese aesthetic and the piece is made out of quarter sawn white oak with an ebonized and natural finish. I particularly like Asian designs as they work very well with contemporary furniture and architecture. White oak is a very versatile wood. It is excellent for an ebonized finish and when white oak is quarter sawn, it reveals beautiful grain patterns. I am always happy to discuss furniture commissions with anyone interested in having a signature piece made. I attended the Thomas Chippendale International School of Furniture near Edinburgh Scotland in 2003-04 and was named the “Student of the Year”. I have been commissioned for pieces locally in Virginia and as far away as St. Louis.

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