Preliminary Steps for Credit Unions Acquiring Another Financial Institution

In the first part of this interview, Doug and Jeff Cardone discussed the process, requirements, and questions credit unions should address before entering into a merger or acquisition (M&A) transaction. In the second part of the “C.U. on the Show” episode, Doug and Jeff delve into the acquiring or buying side of M&As and what […]

Executive Compensation Factors Credit Unions Should Evaluate Before a Merger or Acquisition

Has your credit union board considered partnering with a stronger credit union to expand your field of membership, improve the quality of your services, or mitigate financial concerns? Perhaps your board members and executives have already begun having informal conversations to see which institutions align best with your membership, employees, and community values. While it […]

What Credit Union Executives Should Consider Before Pursuing a Merger & Acquisition

You face many pressures as a credit union executive. You work to maintain steady membership growth and adapt to new technology and emerging trends. However, in some cases, there may come a time that a merger and acquisition (M&A) presents itself as an opportunity. Perhaps you’re trying to grow your membership more rapidly or generate […]