C.U. on the Show: How One Credit Union League Shifted to Meet Growing Needs and Trends

It may be hard to imagine a time when credit unions didn’t offer member services like mortgages, ATMs, and debit cards. But the advent of those services represented a significant shift for credit unions and credit union leagues when the industry started rapidly growing. When larger institutions began to dominate the industry, leaders of the […]

How to Ask a Credit Union Board to Add or Expand Executive Compensation Benefits

As a credit union CEO or executive, have you ever struggled to bring up the topic of adding executive compensation benefits to your board members? Ideally, a credit union board would add these types of benefits unasked—and many do—as a way to incentivize and retain top executives. It’s also mathematically impossible, at your level, to […]

“C.U. on the Show” Podcast Showcases Expert Insights for Credit Union Leaders

As a credit union leader, you’re charged with continually finding new ways to modernize systems and practices and retain top talent, all while serving your members’ needs. At ACT Advisors, we wondered how we could fundamentally support the credit union mission by supporting the success of the executives, like you, who drive it forward.  Why […]