With rising deposit rates and decreasing loan volume and income, how do you get more from your executive benefit package at a nominal cost?

With personal strategic financial planning.

ACT Advisors is proud to release our white paper, The 125% Credit Union Executive, where we explain how financial planning is one of the least expensive benefits a credit union can provide its executives while significantly improving their financial outcomes — by as much as 25%. Executive benefits present many complexities that require personal financial planning and without a strategy that optimizes their CASD, 457(b), and 401(k), executives may not realize the full impact of their benefits suite.

The report’s actionable insights are based upon a detailed case study of a credit union executive’s investment and retirement planning strategy focusing on three concepts: income timing, risk allocation, and income tax planning.

When credit unions offer financial planning to their executives, they help them realize the full potential of their benefits and replace obscurity with tangibility. It can also be a point of difference when recruiting and retaining top talent in the current labor market. With the ability to view their comprehensive financial picture and understand income distribution and consumption timings, executives can feel more confident successfully driving their teams, membership, and the credit union movement forward, without worrying about their personal finances.