The end of the year marks a time when many of our clients make donations to charitable organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. Here at ACT Advisors, we’re no different.
Every year we choose two local nonprofit organizations making a positive impact on the lives of people in the communities we serve. This year, we focused our support on programs that help children grow into healthy, happy adults. Read on to learn about our 2019 ACT Advisors Community Award recipients.

Greenville Area
Pendleton Place
Pendleton Place serves children and families in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Their goal is for every child to have a stable home and a bright future. Founded in 1975, Pendleton Place accomplishes comprehensive child welfare and family stabilization work through three key programs that protect, equip, and heal.

  • Their Assessment Center is a multi-agency evaluation of families to identify root causes of neglect or abuse and establish recommendations for a plan to improve the well-being of children.
  • The Youth Resource Center provides a low-barrier space to meet the basic needs of young adults ages 17-24 experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Their model of service utilizes a youth-focused framework incorporating positive youth development, trauma-informed care, and economic mobility.
  • Smith House is a home for teen girls ages 12–21. In addition to basic needs like food and clothing, their residents are provided with counseling services, structured educational support, life skills training, financial literacy classes, civic engagement and other hands-on opportunities aimed at preparing these vulnerable youth for successful, independent living after foster care.

Raleigh Area
SAFEchild – which stands for Stop Abuse For Every child – supports families having a wide range of needs. Expertly trained professionals and volunteers build strong families in which parents nurture thriving children.

SAFEchild annually serves nearly 9,000 children and families through parenting programs and the SAFEchild Advocacy Center and empowers 12,000 Wake County first graders through the school-based Funny Tummy Feelings program.

At ACT Advisors, we’re proud to support these organizations which aim to create healthy families and futures for our neighbors and communities.

ACT Advisors Global Community Award

We believe that acting as good global neighbors is just as important as local engagement. That’s why we’ve set a larger goal for ourselves. As ACT Advisors grows, we want to give back. We’ll do this by working with charity: water to provide access to clean water for a community in a developing country. Every time you invest with us, you’ll be contributing towards this goal. As of the end of this year, we’re already more than half-way to our goal! You can see our progress by checking out our ACT Advisors Community Award page at:

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